UK warns of looming attacks in Kenya


“Kenyan official buildings like government offices and law enforcement personnel or facilities have been targeted, and Somali government interests in Kenya may also be targeted. Take extra security precautions if you are travelling to any of these places,” the advisory on the FCO said in a statement.

The FCO, a department of the United Kingdom government, is responsible for protecting and promoting UK interests worldwide. In its updated list, it has included low income areas in Nairobi. The FCO has stated that further attacks are probable.

The foreign office has advised its citizens to also avoid travelling to the coastal city of Mombasa, Eastleigh – an estate predominantly inhabited by Somalis living in Nairobi and areas within 60 kilometres of the Kenya-Somalia border.


The area has experienced a spate of small-scale grenades, bombs and armed attacks.

The UK government urged its citizens to take care in public places where people gather, and exercise a heightened level of vigilance.

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“Monitor local and international media and keep up to date with this travel advice by subscribing to email alerts,” the advisory read.

The warning comes two days after President Uhuru Kenyatta said, his government is working on tackling the issue of insecurity.

“We must confront a new breed of terrorists, who use our freedom and tolerance against us, and use our commitment to the security and prosperity of our friends and neighbours as an excuse for murder. We have introduced CCTV cameras in major cities and towns, as well as broadband connectivity at border points,” Kenayatta said.

Since 2012, Kenya has seen an increase in terrorist attacks in various cities. The main threat is from extremists linked to Al Shabaab, a militant group in Somalia angered by Kenya’s military intervention in the war torn country.