Twin attacks on Kenyan coast leaves 29 dead

by Elayne Wangalwa 0

The simultaneous attacks occurred in Tana River County were 30 to 50 people attacked police officers who were manning Gamba police station killing 9 including a police officer.

Three prisoners escaped during the melee. In Hindi, Lamu County 13 people were killed and property destroyed. This follows similar attacks in the same county that left over 60 dead in June.

Al Shabaab had earlier claimed responsibility for the attacks but Deputy Inspector General of Police Grace Kaindi refuted their claims and blamed the atrocious assaults to Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) – a secessionist group outlawed by the Kenyan government in 2010.

Deputy President William Ruto issued a 48-hour ultimatum to security agencies to flush out the attackers dead or alive. Ruto stated that the government will defeat the criminals and that the attempt by unlawful elements and their collaborators to blackmail the government will not work.

The country’s opposition has been calling for a national dialogue with the president and his deputy over national problems including insecurity, corruption and high cost of living. The opposition has held a number of rallies in various cities of the country in recent days and is expected to hold the mother of all rallies today.

The government had blamed the June attacks in Mpeketoni town in Lamu County on a politically motivated ethnic violence against a Kenyan community, with the intention of profiling and evicting them for political reasons.

According to Kenya Red Cross workers, they have collected 13 bodies at Hindi and nine at Gamba.