Tanzania receives support from World Bank


Over the next four years the East African nation’s government will receive an International Development Association (IDA) credit for “Big Results Now in Education’ -a model of development with support from development partners aimed at improving the quality of basic education and thereby increasing the pass rates in primary and secondary schools in Tanzania.

“This project is helping to increase the number of graduates with market-relevant skills, address the shortage of qualified science teachers in secondary schools, strengthen the linkage between higher education and industry, and develop a roadmap for skills development in priority growth sectors,” the World Bank said in a statement. 

IDA is a source of assistance for many poor countries in the world and provides zero-interest loans and grants for projects and programs that boost economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve lives.  


“We are delighted to support programs which invest smartly in education, because skilled, talented young people are going to be Tanzania’s true wealth as the economy grows, diversifies, and moves from low-income to middle-income status,” said Philippe Dongier, World Bank country director for Tanzania.

The United Kingdom and Sweden government are also supporting the program.

The government is expected to receive a further 15 million US dollars credit for the ongoing Science and Technology Higher Education Project, a World Bank funded initiative aimed at producing more skilled workers to meet the requirements of a growing economy and help to sustain the growth.

This support is a stepping stone for helping the country achieve it focus on becoming a middle income economy by 2025.