Kenyatta emphasises strong leadership as Kenya celebrates Mashujaa Day

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He also stated that the only way for the country to successfully move forward is for its leaders to listen to each other more and to understand one another better.

“Unfortunately, too many of our leaders are masters at shouting at one another, seeking headlines more than real development, and using every ethnic and religious difference to try and split us apart,” Kenyatta said.

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The Kenyan president paid tribute to all the men and women, those in the public eye as well as ordinary citizens, who have served the nation and paved the way for what the country has become today.

He also addressed the issue of job creation in the country indicating that more jobs would be generated as the country continued to transform.

“I want every young Kenyan to know that despite today’s challenges, the future is bright,” Kenyatta added.

“Your education, your ability to work hard and be open to the world that is the common gift of Kenya’s diverse cultures, combines to make you one of the most attractive workers in the world.”

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Kenyatta further acknowledged the positive response he received from those who have assisted the West African nations with the ongoing Ebola crisis.

“These heroic volunteers teach us of the indomitable spirit of our people,” he said. 

“There is also an important lesson in the thousands of deaths from the crisis that weak state institutions [who are] unable to properly deliver health and security services to all are an invitation to disaster.”

He also reiterated his hopes and dreams for the future of the country and added that he is certain it will be a bright one, built with the assistance of the heroes of the nation.