Hydropower plant electrifies Rwanda


Since the start of its construction in 2009 the hydropower plant, located on the Nyabarongo River in Mushishiro, Muhanga District, has consumed 100 million dollars.

The first of the two twin turbines was activated on 27 October and the other will follow shortly. The power generated by the two turbines will assist in increasing energy in the country and decrease the load shedding.

Emmanuel Kamanzi, principal engineer at the Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure, says that hydropower is one of many resources the country looks to use in order to meet electricity demands. The country is also looking into the use of solar power systems.


“We are looking at an off the grid system, that will be able to assist us to reach those households that are a little bit far away from the main grid,” said Kamanzi to CNBC Africa.

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The power plant, which is Rwanda’s fourth hydropower plant, is training a maintenance team of 26 at the site so they are able to manage the site after the dam is in full operation.

The Rwandan government plans to increase energy output to at least 563 MW and have 70 per cent of the households in the country powered by 2017.