Expansion strategy to boost Mauritius’ tourist numbers

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“The international airport in Mauritius is designed to welcome up to 10 million passengers in the next 15 years so together with tourist growth on the island, the number of business travellers and the tourism business is going to go up as well,” Holiday Inn Hotel general manager, Gregory Coquet told CNBC Africa.

“In addition to our new real estate investment plan in the area close to the airport, we think that those figures are going to go up on a regular basis.”

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This expected growth has seen the development of not only the country’s international airport but also of real estate ventures surrounding the airport.

“There is a major plan [around] real estate investment in the next 50 years so there’s going to be a lot of business creation in the area. Being so close to the international airport and to a new business hub, it was natural for us to think about a brand new business hotel,” Coquet said.

“We consider ourselves to be pioneers on this business, airport hotel. There are so many resorts and five-star hotels along the beach in Mauritius and only a few business hotels offer proper facilities for doing contemporary business with time-pressed businessmen.”

According to Coquet, the Holiday Inn name offers the group global access in terms of visibility and brand, together with its operating standards.

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“Our hotel features 140 rooms and extensive meeting and conference facilities. We’ve been operating since early 2014 so it’s been about 10 months of operation. We’re growing on a regular basis every month,” he stated.

“We’ve really positioned ourselves as being a contemporary business property [and] we have invested a lot in technology, peak services for business people.”