Luxury hotel opens in Nairobi despite terror threats

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The hotel, situated in Westlands, Nairobi, looks to cater to the high demand of accommodation for businessmen.

Chander Baljee, chairman and director of Royal Orchids hotels, says that although terror attacks pose temporary setbacks to any economy, they should not halt development.

“Terror threats are today a part of the world. Everywhere terror attacks are happening even in India there are a lot of terror attacks, but business cannot stop.”

Baljee says that the high demand for accommodation and lack of options makes Nairobi an ideal place to launch into the hospitality industry.

“I feel the space that we are in has a lot of potential. Right now in the next couple of years I see the demand is more than the supply. This is why we are paying much higher rates in Nairobi than we are in any city in India,” said Baljee.

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The five star Royal Orchids hotel, based in Nairobi, specifically targets businessmen, offering them basic amenities such as a gym, Wi-Fi and breakfast, to make their stay comfortable.

Baljee adds that although many investors are looking to invest in various sectors on the African continent, he believes that East Africa is one of the easiest places to set up a business.

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“One of the biggest advantages you have in Kenya is the English speaking people. I have not found an easier place to set up a hotel than this place because people are service orientated and they understand the same language so half the battle in won.”