Youth needs to think outside the box

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This was a focal point at the IPAR-IDRC Regional Youth Employment Conference, hosted by the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR) is Rwanda.

Dickson Malunda, senior researcher at IPAR, says that one way in which the country can incentivise youth entrepreneurial startups is by creating tax breaks for entrepreneurs.

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“In the short run we may lose a bit of a tax base but as they grow in the long run and they create more jobs for others then our tax base will increase. That’s an issue that has been going on about the short term verses the long term,” he said.

Judith Ineko, marketing executive of enterprise Uganda, says young people should rethink the traditional school system.

“Let them not have that traditional thinking that when you’re at school, you are there to study and get a very good job. But my message to the youth is be at school to just broaden your options while at school, but finish school come out and get started in any generating income activities,” she said.

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Ineko adds that when it comes to starting a business the youth must realize that in order to become wealthy they must be determined, interested in the work they’re doing and they must put in a lot of hard work, wealth will not simply come to them.

“If you start your own business and then you go and interface with an employer you become attractive to them. They are the ones who look for you not you looking for them.”