Estee Lauder expands MAC brand in Kenya

by Elayne Wangalwa 0

In line with its expansion strategy in order to tap into the robust demand for luxury cosmetics among Kenya’s ballooning middle class, the high-end cosmetics company opened a MAC store in an up market mall in Nairobi.

During an interview with CNBC Africa Sue Fox, managing director at Estee Lauder South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa said, “The consumer demand for cosmetics is on the rise and I think people want to learn a lot more about cosmetics… Our presence in Africa is obviously very strong in South Africa, we have been there for several decades. We are starting to enter the Sub-Saharan market and this is a launch of MAC in Nairobi in Kenya.”

As the Kenyan cosmetic market blossoms with the entry of multinationals like Revlon, the French L’Oreal and Swedish cosmetic line Oriflame, the country’s major impediment is reported to be huge counterfeit cosmetic demand. However, Fox believes that the MAC brand will flourish in the Kenyan market.

“The reason we actually want to launch the MAC here [Kenya] is to ensure every single consumer is able to buy the authentic product from an authorised retailer and that is what exactly we have done in bringing MAC into Nairobi,” Fox said.

Estee Lauder plans to celebrate the launch of MAC makeup in Kenya on Sunday evening. The MAC brand comes into the country as a franchise of Lintons Beauty World, a long-standing, premier cosmetics retailer in East Africa.

In addition to availing their products MAC is investing in training local makeup artists the use of its products.

Besides Kenya, MAC operates out of South Africa and Nigeria in sub-Saharan Africa.