Rwanda works to improve service delivery


Samuel Mulindwa, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Public Service, said the government’s active involvement in working with the private sector has been important in creating a more streamlined system.

“At the moment we’ve been developing what we call The National Employment Program. This is a policy issue, but we’re actively closely working with the private sector so at anyone point and in different stages of development of policy strategies we know we ought to closely work together with the private sector.”

Mulindwa said it’s important for government to collaborate and consult because at the end of the day they are going to be the end users for some of these strategies some of these policies or some of these legislations.


“This heavey exercise we want to see it produce results because at the moment lots of people especially the civil servants have been so tense I can imagine in the last few months people have not been providing the best they can. But that ought to normalise.”

At the moment Mulindwa says they are focused on developing an IT result based management system which will be used throughout the entire public service system of Rwanda.

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“We would like  to now link up the institutional contracts with individual contracts and all these have been systemized so we want to see that this strategy, of the result based management system, is rolled out and implemented efficiently n the entire public service of Rwanda,” he concluded.