IOM and Ethiopia to tackle country’s migration issues

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A new cooperation agreement was signed in Addis Ababa by the International Organization for Migration (IOM’s) director general, William Lacy Swing and Ethiopian state minister for foreign affairs, Dewano Kedir.

This follows an earlier 1996 agreement to implement the IOM’s Return of Qualified African Nationals (RQAN) project, which was designed to reverse the impact of the brain drain in developing African states like Ethiopia.

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The IOM also stated that twenty years later, its activities in the East African country have mushroomed, and now includes the provision of emergency and livelihood assistance to internally displaced people and refugees, diaspora engagement, refugee resettlement and counter trafficking.

Speaking at signing, Swing noted that the main area of focus is working with the Ethiopian diaspora to assist with the recent influx of around 170,000 Ethiopian returnees from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kedir added, “IOM saved thousands of Ethiopian lives and that is something we want to thank you for.”