Kenya beefs up security as US issues travel advisory


The United States has updated its travel advisory to Kenya ahead of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES).

The GES summit which is taking place in Kenya for the first time is anticipated to be graced by US President Barack Obama.

“As with all large public events, there is the opportunity for criminal elements to target participants and other visitors,” the US state department said stating that the summit may attract terrorists.


“US citizens should maintain a high level of security awareness, and enrol in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive pertinent safety and security information.”

The Summit which will be held in Nairobi from July 25-26 is expected to host more than 3,000 delegates from across the globe to discuss investments and business concepts.

“Large-scale public events such as this summit can also be a target for terrorists,” the advisory further stated.

Kenya has been a target of terror attacks from Somali insurgent group al-Shabaab since 2012 resulting in several travel advisories.

In its previous update the department of states said, “The US government continues to receive information about potential terrorist threats aimed at US, Western, and Kenyan interests in Kenya, including within the Nairobi area, along the coast, and within the northeastern region of the country.”

While the US has updated its advisory, Kenya has beefed up security ahead of the summit. The number of police officers in the city has increased several folds, while the government has set up a wide range of surveillances.

This will be the sixth summit and will be co-hosted by Obama and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta aiming to elevate entrepreneurs in the country.

“These summits have opened up new markets for products and encouraged policymakers to break down barriers to business, such as the draft law currently being developed by the Moroccan government to create a legal status for startups,” the GES website reads.

The Mega event has been welcomed by Kenyatta stating that this will be an opportunity for global firms to identify the potential in the country.

“Without a doubt, Kenya, and the world, began a new chapter when inspirational ideas found a global platform of this magnitude.  An event conceived in the United States of America is now owned and shared by the world,” Kenyatta said.