Partnering to boost tourism in Kenya

by Tendai Dube 7 views0

Kenya Airways and Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) have entered in to a partnership that will see both entities promote tourism growth in Kenya.

Kenya Airways and Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) have entered in to a partnership that will see both entities promote tourism growth in the east African country.

The two entities signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) relaying that the collaboration is to stimulate the promotion of tourism to Kenya.

“This MOU that we will be signing today is anchored on our mutual corporation aspirations and the desire to strengthen our presence, both as a country and as an airline in key markets around the world,” said Mbuvi Ngunze, chief executive officer of Kenya Airways.

The partnership also enables KQ to leverage on KTB’s global marketing platform to increase the number of tourists flying the airline, to and from Kenya.

According to Muriithi Ndegwa, managing director at Kenya Tourism, the industry is competitive but it believe its partnership will be able to build the numbers they need to grow tourism.

“This MOU covers markets that are important to Kenya, including Nigeria, Uganda, China and France and will therefore strengthen our play in those fields,” said Ngunze.

Some of the conditions of the deal state that KTB will transform KQ offices into “one stop shops”, where they would provide tourism and visa information as well as ticket processing.

They are looking at corporate and marketing programmes; for corporate strategy, they want to “synergise and build” their brand image and also structure activities geared towards raising the awareness of the two institutions and for marketing they are looking at a geared approach towards the above mentioned countries to start.

The security situation in the country has improved with some travel advisories being relaxed says Ndegwa. 

He explained how Kenya went through “a very turbulent time”, saying that the last two years have really been very challenging in the tourism sector but this has changed.

Ndegwa says that hotels that had been closed are now reopening, while some who lost their jobs are now reentering the workforce. “If you look at the reports that have been coming out in the last two or three months, there’s a turn around.”

“We are looking at a continuous engagement for as long as we are working together as two institutions that have a clear mandate in terms of bringing tourism into this country, business people into this country and traffic into this country,” said Ndegwa.