HelloFood sees success in Rwandan online retailer space


Consumers are increasingly using online retail companies, and in Rwanda the online food business has been making heavy strides in in the direction of taking over from conventional shopping.

HelloFood Rwanda is an online food delivery service which has been doing well in the space with increasing demand and plans to expand, and as long as you have internet connectivity it says it can supply something “delicious and affordable” to you.

“We have an excellent foundation and I think the next step is adding more restaurants to the site and convincing everyone that HelloFood is for them,” said Alissa Orlando, country manager of HelloFood.


“We are extremely excited about the potential demand and Rwanda and some of the realised demand that we have experienced and we can of course handle it because we just expand our fleet of riders,” she said.

The online retailer hopes to be profitable soon.

“The plan is that within the next six months we will indeed be profitable and continue to reinvest in the businesses growth,” said Orlando.

The company plans to expand throughout Rwanda, no longer prioritising Kigali ; it is hoping to become a household name and increase brand awareness throughout the country.

“The plan is to not just limit ourselves to Kigali as we currently have but to look at other areas, like Butare for example which has a large student population,” she said.

Orlando says the perception around its brand is that it’s only for foreigners or that it’s too expensive, she hopes to change that perception to boost the use of the site and lunchtime orders.

“You can get a delicious meal for 2000 Rwandan Francs, easily delivered right to your office – we want to continue that message that HelloFood is really for anyone who is hungry, instead of thinking what do you want to cook for dinner, we want the conversation to be what do you want to order for dinner, or lunch or breakfast.”

The reason it has seen success is by utilising the diversity of restaurants in Kigali and for further success the online food retailer wants to make sure that “every restaurant with a quality offering is on HelloFood”.

It may soon list but Orlando would not reveal much more except to say there are two possible exit options and it is”excited” about both of them both.

“We are very excited that in the next two years we would be in a position where we could indeed go public.”