Rwanda should keep momentum to meet its 2020 EDPRS target: expert

by Trust Matsilele 0

A leading expert says Rwanda should keep the momentum if the east African country is to meet its 2020 Economic and Development Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) targets.

The EDPRS represents Rwanda’s medium-term objectives and indicative financial allocations that seek to among others address inequality in the country and alleviate poverty.

“We are at the junction of the journey for reaching the Economic and Development Poverty Reduction Strategy indicators,” Teddy Kaberuka, an independent analyst, told CNBC Africa.

“There are still more steps to be taken so as to reach the target of realising the indicators, but we have seen much of the indicators growing in the past two years.”

Kaberuka urged the country to increase momentum when it comes to infrastructure built projects.

“We are still below the target as far as meeting infrastructure and electricity demand is concerned,” he added.

“In the last two years we have seen tremendous improvement in as far as EDPRS indicators are concerned, if the momentum is kept we could realise the target.”

Kaberuka said infrastructure required heavy investment adding that it was not a one-off project.

He warned against using the qualitative and quantitative measurements to arrive to quick conclusions.

There is an “aspect of quantity which we have achieved as we now see huge enrolments in schools but as far as quality which takes time, it would be difficult to measure results now”, he warned.

“Inequality has reduced but we need to see more reductions going into the future.”

Kaberuka also called on the government to stimulate employment which he believes will in turn lead to economic growth.

“The government should invest into social programmes so that more people are employed who can in turn invest in other priority areas,” he said.