Ethiopia plans to soar above the rest with Africa’s biggest airport

by Aviwe Mtila 0

Ethiopian Airports Enterprise, an airport service provider and administrator, is preparing to build what it calls a mega airport that will be the biggest in Africa.

It is also undergoing a two phase expansion to its main airport hub, Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, costing $344 million.

Ethiopian Airports Enterprise’s head of the Communication Affairs Office, Wondim Teklu, says the construction of the new airport will begin soon.

“The cost of the biggest airport city is not known at this time as we are on preparation plan. Some studies are completed and are on their way for higher official decision. Construction will start in the near future and it will be the biggest airport in Africa, competing with world class airports,” says Teklu.

Ethiopian Airports Enterprise, which currently administers 20 airports in the country, says the new one will bring economic benefits to the political city of Africa, Addis Ababa. Teklu highlighted that on top of Addis Ababa being the political city of Africa which homes the African Union headquarters, it is also the conference capital of the continent.

The construction of the airport is consistent with Ethiopia’s aims to develop its tourism and light manufacturing sectors.

“It (Addis Ababa) is witnessed throughout the world. This addition to the aviation industry will certainly play a huge role in the comprehensive development of both Addis Ababa and the country at large,” says Teklu.

The airport is expected to seat more than 120 million passengers annually.