Rwanda’s new PPPs law to boost investment, efficiency

by Trust Matsilele 0

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The Rwandan government is upbeat that the new public private partnerships (PPPs) law will help improve investment and service delivery, Francis Gatare, Chief Executive of the Rwanda Development Board has said.

Gatare added that the PPPs law in Rwanda was an expression of what has been going on for some time in the country but requirement a common framework.

“The government of Rwanda has been partnering with private sector companies to implement various projects that previously had been in public domain,” Gatare told CNBC Africa.

“We have come to realise as government that it was very important to have a common framework for all PPPs the government will be undertaking.”

Gatare said the PPP framework the government has just put in place was open for a competitive bidding exercise as a well a single sourced exercise.

“The framework is also open for private sector that can see opportunities and come up with unsolicited bids. We are looking at this as a way to increase efficiency and effectiveness in public service delivery but also to create value for the private sector,” he added.

Gatare also said the law would help speed processes of bidding and execution of projects.

“We do not anticipate an exercise [bidding] to go for too long as we are going to put to use our learned experiences,” he added.

He said the law had been enacted after the government noticed over time that the public procurement law was not sufficient to regulate investment projects that government enters with private sector.

“We have been having discussions with the private sector for any joint ventures for PPPs. Due to an increase we have been experiencing, we see a need for a legal framework. We want to make sure there is accountability and also making it known publicly that the government is open for business.”