What Rwanda can do to win investors


The private sector should be on the forefront in promoting investment into the country; this is according to Stephen Ruzibiza, chief executive of the Private Sector Federation in Rwanda.

His comments comes shortly after the World Bank report placed Rwanda among top six countries in the world that demonstrate global competitiveness.

Ruzibiza said, on the ground, different sectors are already feeling the effect of this positive highlight, with investment continuously being attracted and retained.


He also told CNBC Africa that the infrastructure was in place, a critical element in attracting investment, urging the private sector to play a leading role in luring foreign direct investments.

Ruzibiza also said the country was supposed to take advantage of positive coverage it was receiving.

“The report of the World Bank and many other reports is one of the incentives for attracting both domestic and international investors. It is also the work and preparation of the private sector to promote investment into the country,” added Ruzibiza.

He also said there is a need to incentivise small businesses and big corporates so as to lure more investment into the country.

“Some of the aspects that should be considered when giving tax breaks should be capital invested and turnover of companies,” he said.

He also called for an improved role of the private sector in the country.

“Let the private sector become the partner and not only observers.”

Ruzibiza says there’s a need to build skills capacity and publicise the opportunities presented by the country.