An app to make it easier for Rwandan purchases

by Tendai Dube 0

As most successful mobile application creators have discovered, it all starts with a problem and then finding a solution to that problem and with the encouraging environment Rwanda has provided, many ICT innovators have become a success in the region.

One of those success stories is Markets Merger, an application which made the gap between Rwandans and those in the diaspora non-existent.

“When we started, we made a mobile application to allow diaspora people to connect with local merchants in Rwanda,” said Louis Muhire, Founder and CEO of Markets Merger.

Muhire came across the idea when he lived away from Rwanda and could not pay the tuition fees  for his cousins with ease.

“So I created a mobile application so when someone is in Canada or France can pay tuition fees directly on a cheaper rate in Rwanda,” said Muhire.

He adds: “But when I came to start the company here, we realised that Rwandan people also has issue of paying with their debit and visa cards and there are a lot of people who are getting busier and they don’t want to spend their time lining up in banks.”

With that in mind, Market Merger on Tuesday launched a web application where it allows people to use their Visa cards to pay for local services.

“Most people think we are a remittance platform but we are what we call a cash-to-goods services, where your money at the beginning, becomes a service in Rwanda or a product that is going to be delivered to the person who wants to benefit.”

He emphasised that the application is for convenience, for the Rwandan busy at work who cannot leave to purchase airtime, they can use the platform.

“In terms of investment, I think we are going in the right path because in two weeks we are going to Switzerland where we are going to try to raise more money to sustain this development,” said the founder.