How this youth organisation aims to bring clean water to all Rwandans

by Trust Matsilele 0

About 13 per cent of households still have no water sources in Rwanda which forces them to opt for surface water; this is according to Christelle Kwizera, Managing Director at Water Access Rwanda.

She adds that “44.2 per cent of all households in Rwanda are not satisfied with their water source, so the challenge is beyond having access to water”.

Water Access Rwanda, a largely youthful organisation, is a social enterprise that offers water solutions to Rwandans and neighbours.

The Rwanda Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies target 100 per cent access to water, a milestone within the country’s reach though there are still challenges with capital and infrastructure.

In an attempt to achieve the 100 per cent target, the country plans to drill about 50 more water wells in 2016.

“We have drilled about 24 wells which show that we are making exponential growth. We have moved from just drilling water wells to providing clean water that does not require purification,” she said.

“Currently we are working with impoverished communities with the plan of ensuring that a single well services 100 households per well.”

Kwizera said most people were using chlorine to clean water in the east African country with others opting to purify water through boiling it.

Kwizera, a graduate from Oklahoma Christian University where she did her research on purifying water using a ozone micro filter, said the micron filter introduced in Rwanda was not new.