Rwanda bringing government services to you online

by Trust Matsilele 0

Rwanda bringing government services to you online

Rwandans and businesses can now easily access government services with fewer struggles thanks to information and communications technology; this is according to Alline Kabbatende, chief operating officer of RwandaOnline Platform Limited.

Kabbatende said this was poised to help the east African country’s move towards a cashless economy and improve how people use government services.

“RwandaOnline has developed an e-government portal for Rwandan citizens and business to access government services,” added Kabbatende.

“One of the key things we are doing is digitalising the payment component of accessing government services, it’s a new journey and we currently have 19 services on the portal and by the end of 2017 we should be having over 100 services,” she said.

Kabbatende said the new portal had seen entry of actors such as visa, Tigo cash, e-commerce cards and now MTN.

“We are looking at getting new players and integrate the existing ones to improve how people access services. To achieve the country’s vision 2020, and now vision 2040, technology is going to play a key role,” she said.

Kabbatende said technologies would assist Rwanda’s efficiency on delivery of services.

“The key is to improve competitiveness and access to services for citizens. This goes beyond the cashless economy as streamlining what government is doing also takes centre stage,” said Kabbatende.

“We want to give citizens their right and a best platform to transact with their government. [Through this platform] we will no longer have citizens lining at government offices all day long to pay for government services.”

Kabbatende said when it comes to revenue; RwandaOnline would set to assist channel collections to the government.

“In essence we are streamlining how they reconcile, settle and how they report transactions that go to the government,” she said.