Discovering more about the 'I am Kigali' campaign

by Tendai Dube 0

Rwanda wants to become an African hub for foreign direct investment

“I am Kigali” is a campaign that is swooping through Rwanda’s capital, celebrating the strides the East African country is making, CNBC Africa spoke to Impact Hub a platform which is facilitating this campaign.

Kigali is well on its way to solidifying its position as a hub of innovation, cultural evolution and a focus on population growth, migration and diversity of cultures in Rwanda.

‘I am Kigali’ is trying to create a platform for people in the city to celebrate how quickly the city is changing and also celebrating how open Kigali has become to influences and ideas and people from outside and in the process creating this really cosmopolitan city,” said Jon Stever, Co-Founder of Impact Hub.


He adds: “Kigali is changing very rapidly and I don’t think many people in the city have taken time to really reflect on what that means, how the culture is going to develop and how it’s evolving how the artistic and cultural scenes are going to change.”

Stever explains the campaign is also to celebrate the many young innovative companies that have grown in Kigali, start-ups creating smart transport, mobile applications for food delivery and motorcycle taxis.

“Rwanda has shown itself to be incredibly open to foreign investment, we just hosted an incredible World Economic Forum on Africa, when people come here they don’t expect to have 4G internet, they don’t expect the city to be so clean, they don’t expect to see construction going on everywhere with new skyscrapers going up almost every single day,” Stever says.


The changes in the city are a “testament” to the Rwandan government’s work Stever says, as well as the private sector’s participation in the national strategy.

“The campaign is both to create an opportunity for people in Rwanda to reflect on how the city’s changing but it is also creating an opportunity for people outside to really see Kigali for what it is – as Impact Hub Kigali, we are really excited to be hosting and facilitating that conversation.”