How Rwanda can further mitigate climate change

by CNBC Africa Reporter 0

Rwanda’s private sector needs to be proactive in accessing the various funds that are available to mitigate climate change, this is the message Coletha Ruhamya, Acting Director of Rwanda Environment Management Authority wants to spread.

This comes in light of Environment Week which ends on June 5 to coincide with World Environment Day.

According to Ruhamya, developing countries need over 30 billion dollars annually to address the effects of climate change.


Rwanda’s Fund for Environment and Climate Change supports different actions in both the private and public sector as does the Green Climate Fund but Ruhamya feels more can be done.

“I am calling to our private sector to be proactive, to be able to access that finance,” said Ruhamya.

“Seeing people around the country, even those at the grassroots level are now understanding what climate change is, what are the impacts and some know how they can deal with it,” she said.

Ruhamya thinks celebrating World Environment week is how people are “sensitised” and woken up to the realities of climate change and teaches them to adapt and build resilience. 

“I am not saying we are in a good position but at least we are half way – we try to sensitise our different sectors to involve them in policies and plans to integrate environment and climate change.

Ruhamya says it has designed the programme by prohibiting the importation of new products with ozone depleting substances as the existing ones have begun to fade out. 

“We have recently reviewed key policies, like energy, agriculture, housing to see whether they integrate the environment and climate change – especially the green components and we are trying to review the legal framework to see the available rules and regulations or they insentivise the investment into green technologies,” Ruhamya said.