JSE derivatives market sees highest value since 2007


The Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s (JSE) Currency Derivatives Market confirmed this milestone development.    

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“The South African currency derivatives market continues to grow at a rapid pace. Reaching trading values over 1 trillion rand is a great accolade for our market,” Warren Geers, general manager, Bonds and Financial Derivatives trading division at the [DATA JSE:Johannesburg Stock Exchange Ltd.], said.


The number of contracts traded during March 2014 was 69 per cent higher than in March 2013, while the value of the contracts traded increased by 122 per cent in the same period.

“The market has continued to draw more and more trades as investors and businesses look for more efficient ways to manage their currency risk.”

The JSE added that last year it expanded its Quanto derivatives range to include a currency contract based on the Euro/Dollar exchange rate.

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“These derivatives are traded on the JSE and settled in Rand, even though they track the movements of the Euro which is quoted in US Dollars. The product has the ability to attract local investors who want exposure to the most globally traded currency pair.”

The JSE also noted that in March this year, another milestone for the market was reached when it saw its most successful month, in the value and volume of derivative contracts traded since inception.

“The total value of currency derivatives contracts traded on the JSE during March this year was 80.8 billion rand, a massive 122 per cent increase from March of 2013 with the number of contracts traded during March 2014 reaching 7 million contracts.”

According to the JSE, the currency derivatives market also had its best ever single day performance since inception in March, with a value traded of 36 billion rand.