Sanlam’s i3 Summit to map strategies for surviving

by Trust Matsilele 0

The Sanlam’s i3 Summit will be graced by some of the leading minds in the investment sector who include Michael Falk, Philippa Malmgren, Caroline da Silva and Steve Burgess among others.

The conference will address the topic of surviving and thriving amid geopolitical and regulatory change.

Sanlam Investments offers a comprehensive range of client-focused investment solutions to end-investors, intermediaries and larger institutions.

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The company’s investment offerings include passively and actively managed unit trusts, hedge funds and segregated and pooled retirement funds along the asset class and risk/return spectrum.

Glacier has grown from being a purely linked investment service provider (LISP) to a provider of an expansive range of wealth management services that includes providing access to a local and international platform with a selection of solutions from a range of industry experts.

It also provides access to leading stockbrokers, fiduciary services, as well as to niche long-term and short-term insurance solutions – all offered in partnership with financial intermediaries.

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The conference will be held at a time when tax-free savings proposal is on the spotlight.

“The tax-free savings account is one of the opportunities the government is creating. The idea around this proposal is to encourage savings in the country,” Carl Roothman the chief executive of Sanlam Investments Retail. 

“According to the draft paper that has been released, there will be investment opportunities in equities and other investment products,” he added.

Roothman noted that individuals will have an opportunity to invest in interest bearing, equity products or both.