The rich just keep getting richer

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The top earning Americans have seen a steady increase to their already vast fortunes. The Forbes 400 comprises of 27 new entrants, including 30-year-old Elizabeth Holmes the youngest woman on the list and founder of Theranos – a blood testing company.

The top three earners include Bill Gates, who retained the top spot for the past 21 years, with a net worth of 81 billion dollars.  Warren Buffet comes in at number two with a net worth of 67 billion dollars. And rounding out the top three is Larry Ellison with a net worth of 50 billion dollars.

This comes just months ahead of the highly anticipated Forbes Africa rich list which ranks the 50 richest people on the continent. The list, out in November, may include the likes of pervious candidates such as: Christoffel Wiese, Isabel dos Santos, Onsi Sawiris, Abdulsamad Rabiu and last year’s top earner Aliko Dangote, whose net worth was estimated at 20.8 billion US dollars.

Chris Bishop, managing editor of Forbes Africa, says this year there will be many surprises on the list, a few new entries and a few drops as well.  

“You’ll find on these rich lists most of the people, especially when they have a specific drop, it’s all about share price your equity prices. Sometimes when the shares take a dive in what they hold (what they own) that’s when you see these huge drops of three or four hundred million,” said Chris Bishop, managing editor of Forbes Africa Magazine.

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Bishop admits that when trying to secure top entrepreneurs for the cover of Forbes Africa some are eager to share the details of theirs wealth; while others are less inclined.

“I don’t think it goes by country. You’ve got shy billionaires and you have open billionaires. The open billionaires are great for us…” he said.

The list of Forbes Africa’s 50 Richest People will be available in the December/January issue of the magazine.

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