S.Africa medical aid users not knowledgeable enough

by Trust Matsilele 0

Sue Cogswell, wealth and financial healthcare advisor at BDO told CNBC Africa that medical aids are struggling more and more as medical inflation is rising making most of clients’ expectation unrealistic.

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“It’s important to find a healthcare broker who is knowledgeable in the clients’ plans and health needs in order to advise them better,” she said.

Cogswell said medical aid is important especially when people want access to private healthcare and the only way people can afford it is through private healthcare.

“It is necessary to understand your medical aid and know what it allows you to do as others allow one to upgrade when there is a life changing condition,” she adds.

Cogswell urged medical aid clients to take advantage of the upgrading window.

“This is the time of the year when people are allowed to upgrade their medical aid, this is a cut-off date unfortunately it’s around this time,” said Cogswell.

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“If people have increased health issues then they can upgrade their medical aids to receive better benefits.”

Cogswell also says it is imperative for medical aid users to know what they are covered for.

“Most of clients do not know what their medical aids provide for and might not know what their needs are going forward.”