S.Africa urged to setup plans for infrastructure development program


“We still need to plan well and determine what needs to be done, where is it important to do it and which prioritise what is important,” Steyn said.

Steyn said national road maintenance must be accorded priority to ensure that motorists and business carriers do not end up paying double to retain their assets. He said inadequate road conditions also play a key role in determining a country’s economic development.

“If you’ve got an uneven road your fuel price goes up, your tyre cost goes up, the damage to your vehicle goes up and damage to your freight goes up.  This means if we don’t maintain the infrastructure that we’ve got, we will pay more for the same stuff. We know how to do it and we’ve got the capacity to do it,” Steyn said.


“You don’t need to be an economist to understand that if I have to pay you double for the same price then I am damaging the economy. It’s not good, it shouldn’t happen like that, we must maintain and keep in good condition what we’ve got before we start to think no let’s build new thing – we’ve got to keep what we’ve got.”

He said there are various ways for the government to bring on board the private sector when implementing its National Development Plan (NDP) in building, maintaining and sustaining the country’s infrastructure.

The Plan is set on spending 6.3 trillion rand over the next 15 years in developing world class transport infrastructure to create job opportunities for local citizens and to also attract foreign direct investment.