Mauritius-Africa trade routes must be developed


“We are conscious that a lot of our market partners in Africa are land-locked countries, we are conscious that it is not easy to move cargo on Africa. We’re working with various hubs to ensure that ‘made in Mauritius’ products or products going through Mauritius actually reach our market audience,” Chamroo, the CEO of Enterprise Mauritius, told CNBC Africa on Wednesday.

“This is why we’re having something like 300 buyers coming over to Mauritius for our exhibition, to look at the various aspects of it. It’s not only B2B but also to make sure that the infrastructure is available, that facilities are there, that the non-trade barriers are being removed between Mauritius and Africa.”

Mauritius’s trade deficit narrowed 20.6 per cent in May to 5.27 billion rupees as the country aims to expand into regional and international markets.  It also aims to develop its relations with Africa as well as solve mutual infrastructure deficit challenges.


“This year we are exporting to some 41 African countries, an average of plus half a billion dollars of goods and services and we’re importing more or less the same amounts. So trade between Mauritius and Africa is now 1.2 billion dollars,” said Chamroo.

He added that regional integration between the two is now inevitable and that Mauritius plays a trading hub role as well linking Africa to Asia and to other parts of the world.

“We’re not only importing from Asia to export to Africa, we’re now importing from Africa for exporting to the world. So this free port activity in Mauritius is now becoming a very interesting platform for regional trading, over and above what we produce in Mauritius for export.”