Private Equity Opportunities in Africa still rising


“I think Africa’s star is rising indeed,” Ghulati, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Mauritian based financial group, Bramer Corporation told CNBC Africa on Thursday.

He stated that Limited Partners (LPs) as well as General Partners (GPs) are continuously seeking investment opportunities on the continent.

“Limited partners are rating Sub-Saharan Africa above Russia and India. On a scale of 1 to 10, they are rated 7 or 8, so Sub-Saharan Africa is definitely the flavour of the month,” said Ghulati.


Another positive note, he added, is that the Information Technology (IT) space in Mauritius is growing and banks as well as the government are providing funds to young entrepreneurs to boost the IT industry as well grow small businesses.

Despite tough economic conditions as well as the slowdown of private equity into emerging markets, Ghulati indicated that buyout funds as well as corporate financing are on the rise. Also, the United States market is picking up once again.

His optimistic outlook for private equity growth in Sub-Saharan Africa was also shared by the national investment promotion agency of Mauritius, the Board of Investments (BOI) as they prepare to hold a 2 day conference, focused on increasing private equity investment on the island.

 “This is all very good for our business but more importantly from the Board of Investments perspective, they are organising a 2 day conference in September to showcase and ensure that funds can be setup here,” said Ghulati  

“They want to bring LPs, GPs, sovereign funds, lawyers and other facilitators together to make sure this becomes a win-win situation for all.”