South Africans showing unjustified negative sentiment

South Africa’s reputation is perceived well internationally but locally, there seems to be an extremely negative sentiment.

Innovation vital for sports sponsorships

South Africa’s successful sports have had to repackage themselves through innovation, in order to become more attractive to consumers.

Sanral still needs public's acceptance of e-tolling system in S.Africa

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has signed the e-tolling bill into law but Sanral still need the public’s acceptance and compliance.

S.Africa’s consumers urged to lodge effective complaints

South Africa’s consumers certainly complain, but whether or not they complain effectively is another question.

AGOA steadily improving trade between S.Africa and USA

AGOA has underpinned a growing trade relationship between South Africa and the United States, Rob Davies has said.

Classic cars offer an alternative asset class for investment

High-end classic and collectible cars are fast-becoming part of a growing investment asset class in South Africa.

S.Africa’s stokvels hold unrealised potential

South Africa’s financial industry could greatly benefit from the growing opportunity that lies within stokvels.

Johannesburg inner-city gets new lifeline

Johannesburg’s inner-city is undergoing a revitalisation that is expected to turn it into a metropolitan environment.

Information sharing necessary to combat crime in S.Africa

Information sharing has proved to be an effective defensive measure in minimising cash-in-transit related crimes in South Africa.

Crime in S.Africa needs to be addressed in a non-violent manner

Crime remains a serious issue and continues to hamper the country’s socioeconomic growth as it is not being dealt with in the right manner.

Credit risk costing S.Africa’s consumers

In order to improve South Africa’s consumer credit, credit risk education is in desperate need of improvement.

Industry calls for the reconsideration of proposed alcohol advertising ban

The proposed alcohol advertising ban could have a significant impact not only in the industry but also other players linked to the trade.

Poor policies pull down S.Africa’s world economic freedom ranking

Poor economic-related policy has knocked South Africa’s economic freedom rating down again despite it still being Africa’s top bourse.

S.Africa’s banks investing in ‘information’ technology

South Africa’s banks have made an effort to acquire as much information as possible, so that they can better serve the customer.

Transport costs to have domino effect for S.Africa

An 8.7 per cent year on year increase in transport costs will have a knock on effect for every South African citizen.

Mauritius looking to Asian markets to drive growth in tourism

After tourist numbers grew marginally and earnings fell in the hospitality sector, the island is looking to reel in tourists from Asia.

S.Africa's tax law a challenge for SMMEs

SMMEs have difficulty filing tax returns due to the various taxation treatments and the complexity of the country’s tax laws.

S.Africa’s rentals slow to show price growth

While Tenant Profile Network’s data has shown an increase in the number of micro landlord’s, rental price growth has yet to show the same.

Shuttleworth and SARB granted leave to appeal

Judge Francis Lekgodi granted both Mark Shuttleworth and the South African Reserve Bank leave to appeal the billionaire’s recent judgement.
S.African rand still in volatile territory

SARB expected to keep rates unchanged

Analysts predict that the repo rate will remain unchanged ahead of the South African Reserve Bank’s rates decision this Thursday.