Transforming your company into a Meta business


“Meta business is based around becoming aware of who you are in the workplace and the designer consequences that our actions can sometimes bring about,” Dr Wynand Goosen, Chief Executive Officer of the employment and skills development agency, Infomage Rims Group, told CNBC Africa on Wednesday.

Goosen explained that workers, especially those at management level, need to raise their level of awareness in order to better understand and develop the relationship they have with their teams.

The concept will also assist in them understanding what they really want in terms of business goals and objectives and how to go about achieving them.


“Meta business directly relates to more effective decision making, which can cut out non business related issues and enables managers to focus on what’s really important,” he explained.

The first step in creating a Meta business, Goosen pointed out is for managers to become aware of their thoughts and identify specific situations where the consequences of their actions caused an outcome which they weren’t entirely happy with.

“Every action has a reaction. It’s a choice; I can also react in a different way and if I react in a different way, there may be a different consequence,” he added.

The increasing level of awareness, Goosen explained, will ensure that people at management level are able to identify activities and actions that are directly related to its strategy and its business objectives which in turn will shape the activities and performance of their staff.

“This process of managing and coaching performance will, on a day to day basis, ensure that you keep your finger on the pulse and focus on serving your bottom line at the end of the day,” he said.

According to Goosen, there are several businesses in South Africa that are already operating on this learning organisation principle and their management team have been performing on high levels.