Scrap chocolates and roses for a unique V-Day experience


“People have had enough of roses and chocolates and if they want to be original, to give something unique, they’ll come to us and choose an experience,” Ranka Jovovic-Donnelly, director of Experience Gifts Online Store told CNBC Africa.

Jovovic-Donnelly explained that her online store experienced an upsurge in sales this week as Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays for online gift purchases.

While many would think that these purchases consist of flowers and candies, people are actually buying experiences off her website such as romantic getaways, couple spa treatments, hot air balloon rides, helicopter flights, picnics in the mountain and much more unusual romantic experiences.


“Everything is moving to the experiential lifestyle,” she added.

“Valentine’s Day is one holiday where there are two of us and the best thing to do is share time together and to share experiences.”

Another popular holiday for the website is Mother’s Day, which surprisingly consists of a large international buyers’ market.

“For Mother’s Day we get a lot of international buyers surprisingly buying for their mums here [in South Africa]. That’s our biggest segment for Mother’s Day,” said Ranka Jovovic-Donnelly.