GIBS leads African business schools


The school improved by one step from position 43rd last year to 42nd in the recent survey conducted by the prestigious UK Financial Times Executive Education rankings.

GIBS’s executive director for education noted that his school borrowed working models from Ivy League schools across the globe like Harvard Business School and Stanford University among others.

“We have been in the rankings for the past ten years, meaning we entered rankings from the time we were four years old as a school,” Shaun Rozyn, GIBS’s  executive education director told CNBC Africa.


“In South Africa, the funding model around MBAs requires strong executive education to have a balanced and a diverse business school so that was one element we factored,” he added.

GIBS’s position makes it the only African and Middle Eastern business school to rank in the global top 50.

Rozyn noted that, it is critical to have a credible Master of Business Administration for one to have a credible executive education portfolio.

GIBS among others specialises a lot on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking with a bias informed by its unique geographical location.

He added that his school makes it important for our staff members to have heard experience in the industry.

“Our staff travels extensively, we will be in 24 countries this year delivering programmes for South African multinationals looking outward or global multinationals on the ground.”

Other leading business schools in the country, University of Cape Town and Wits Business Schools are ranked 61st and 62nd respectively.

Established in 2000 to be a place where people with potential can be nurtured, GIBS has built a reputable healthy ambition and respect for best practice with students willing to engage like-minded peers and colleagues.

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GIBS offers a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA); a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA); a certificate Programme for Management Development (PMD).