Private client sector welcomes new player


Anchor Securities will among others provide research and investment support and will also provide investment advisory services.

“These services include, domestic and international share portfolios, domestic and international derivatives, global research, tax efficient retirement planning, and the ability to lend against both domestic and international share portfolios,” Rob Turner, the chief executive of the new venture said.

Turner added that the company has all the experience and resources that are required to meet clients’ needs and are exceptionally motivated.


“This is a people business and we anticipate that private clients will appreciate being serviced by experienced and motivated individuals who have a vested interest in the success of their business.”

“We offer the full range of services covering all global financial markets, from stockbroking to portfolio management and derivatives, both locally and offshore.”

Nic Frangos, director at Anchor Securities noted that the new player was ready to meet the demand of its clients.

“Globally, high net-worth clients are very savvy and are demanding more. They want appropriate choice, proper risk assessment, agility in volatile markets, and above all a relationship with people they can trust.”

“A ‘high-touch’ service, the best technology and profitable investment ideas are expected. Anchor Securities has partnered with best of breed service providers, both here and offshore.”

Anchor Securities commences business next week and intends on becoming a meaningful player in the South African market in a short time period.

The core of Anchor Securities is a team which formerly worked at Nedgroup Private Wealth Stockbrokers, and the business is backed by Anchor Capital and Lephatsi Financial Services.

Peter Armitage, the chief executive officer of Anchor Capital said his company was excited to offer clients a world-class stockbroking service.

Anchor Capital manages four billion rand worth of assets and focusses on asset management.