Curro Holdings acquires Waterstone College

This follows the acquisition of Woodhill College in Pretoria East in November 2011, and Grantleigh in KwaZulu-Natal in December last year.

Waterstone College has 1,210 learners and will be part of Curro’s quality branded Select Schools.

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[DATA COH:Curro Holdings Limited] acquires, develops and manages private schools in South Africa, currently has 31 private school campuses under its banner. Curro is also in the process of constructing 10 new schools country-wide.

“With these schools under construction and opportunities for further acquisitions always in the offing, Curro is now well poised to reach its initial undertaking as set out in the pre-listing statement dated 26 May 2011 of 40 schools by 2020, five years ahead of schedule,” Curro said in a statement.

The holding company added that the further acquisition of 20 sites for the development of school campuses remains on track, as well as the additions to existing campuses to meet the demand for growing enrolments.

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Private schooling in South Africa has always been in high demans, but a global wave of private schooling programmes and schools for the poor could begin to meet the need for quality schooling.