Cricket SA & KFC aim to discover fresh talent


Around 110,000 youngsters are part of the programme but the country’s cricket body said the numbers of black children dropping out was depressing.

“We do not have the pull through we would have desired, we have not been successful because the dropout rate particularly among black Africans is not acceptable,” Haroon Lorgat, chief executive officer of Cricket SA told CNBC Africa.

Lorgat added that schools were falling behind in comparison to what the cricket body would like them to do.


He added that the schools should utilise the invaluable opportunity accorded to them by KFC.

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“We have realised that the social demands cause them to give up on the game in spite of their desire to get to the top hence we have developed some educational intervention programmes.”

Sponsorships and CSI brand manager at KFC, Lauren Turnbull said it was important for children to get cricket exposure as the game teaches them to live an active lifestyle.

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“Cricket teaches children great etiquette and discipline when playing with different teams and respect for the game,” said Turnbull.

“For us it was important to start this partnership with Cricket SA, it has been five years and we have managed to take it further than just a mini-cricket game.”

Turnbull notes that, when the programme initialled in 2010, 80,000 children were involved in the programme and the number has grown to 110 000 in 2014.

“We want to get as many active children as possible so it’s important to work with Cricket SA in this largest grassroots development programme in the country.”

The programme intends to extend to rural areas so as to ensure diversity of children being recruited into the programme.