Mauritius finmin quits in row with coalition partner


The party wants to amend the constitution to grant more powers to the president.

Prime Minister Navinchandra Ramgoolam said on Thursday his ruling Labour Party would favour an alliance with the opposition MMM party at the next general election, set for 2015, rather than Duval’s PMSD, which has been in government since 2010.

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“The three MPs of PMSD resigned from the government following a strong disagreement with the Labour Party regarding the future and stability of the country,” Xavier Duval told a news conference. Duval himself was one of the three members of parliament that had government posts.

Ramgoolam said he planned to meet the leader of the MMM party, Paul Berenger, on Saturday.

Duval opposes Labour and MMM proposal for electoral and constitutional reform. “We say no to constitutional reform without a referendum,” he said.