PPC builds houses for needy employees


The [DATA PPC:Pretoria Port Cement LTD]’s housing programme is set to benefit between 250 and 350 workers with different housing needs.

The move could see the company averting possible strikes in the company as the country goes through strikes season.

Yogesh Narsing, head of special projects at PPC said the current resolutions were a product of PPC leadership’s direct engagement with its workers.


“We take great pride in the direct engagement with workers as these interactions are direct, open and transparent,” Narsing told CNBC Africa

“When we engaged with the workers, we found out that housing rated as number two on priority needs only second to salaries,” added Narsing.

Narsing noted that the company had addressed the salary portion and was now moving to addressing the housing portion.

The cement making company’s chief executive, Ketso Gordhan together with his top 60 managers last year took either a pay cut or saw their remuneration being frozen in order to hike the wages of the cement maker’s lowest earners.

Narsing noted that besides the salary and housing programme, the company workers also received technical support.

“There is a financial contribution that they can access from PPC, but they can also access technical contribution,” noted Narsing.

“We have put support structures across the country at our various plants. At these plants workers access knowledge about house ownership, assessment on house condition for those intending to buy houses, knowledge on accessing debt.”

He added that the company also assisted workers with access government subsidies.