Transport infrastructure needed in Mozambique


The southern African economy’s port logistics capacity is one of its biggest problems and needs to be solved if recent mineral discoveries are to benefit citizens.

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“The state of the rails and ports is not well but we are working on it so as to improve the infrastructure,” Victor Gomes, president of Mozambique Ports and Railways told CNBC Africa.


“The main challenge now is to have a very good railway system [and] a very good ports and logistics system which can give customers cost-effective value,” he added.

Gomes noted that the country was also looking to expand the number of ports, to cater for new discoveries.

“We are looking to have another port that can serve miners of coal, gas and also [serve] the country,” said Gomes.

He stated that the country had attracted a considerable number of private sector players and that new partners were required in the transport infrastructure industry.

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“In Maputo, we have Maputo Port Development Company operating in partnership with CFM, in Beira we have Cornelder, and in Cabo Delgado we have the port of Pemba. We are bringing new partners to join us in these efforts,” he noted.

The country’s gas discoveries could, however be hampered by the unending civil war that has, to date, claimed close to a million lives. Efforts to end the war through a negotiated settlement have fallen on deaf ears.

However, Gomes described the ongoing civil war as insignificant and said that investment was improving as partners were still coming into the country regardless of the disturbances.