Companies should improve employee engagement


The Public Display Technologies (PDT) further noted that, employee engagement was critical in increasing motivation and performance of employees.

The PDT South Africa, is the country’s first employee engagement survey to be conducted. PDT’s survey of users sought to understand the state of their workplace engagement.

“An engaged employee is someone who is emotionally connected to the organisation, innovative and problem solvers,” Chris Clark, business development director at PDT told CNBC Africa.


“An engaged employee is one that positively and proactively influences business operations. They are innovative, they are problem solvers and, as research in the US, UK and elsewhere shows, they contribute massively to productivity and profitability of their companies.

Clark added that, engaged employees also entailed workers who felt they could make a difference to the organisation contrary to the disengaged ones.

“Actively disengaged employees refers to those looking for jobs elsewhere. According to our survey, it’s estimated that about 20 per cent of the sampled employees are disengaged,” he said.

“Disengaged employees are the eight to five employees. They come to work clock watching and a vast majority of South Africans are in this category.”

The Public Display Technologies urged companies to do more engagement so as to improve employee performance.

“Considering that high levels of engagement directly influence productivity, staff turnover, company efficiency and other key factors – it’s time South African businesses take a significantly closer look at ways in which they can improve and enjoy the benefits of Employee Engagement.”

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The company noted that, of 1,200 plus survey participants, 67 per cent felt their managers could provide stronger guidance and communicate better with their teams.