UPDATE: Alexander Forbes declares building safe following bomb scare


This was after both it and the Ernst & Young building next door to it had been evacuated following a bomb scare.


An employee at Alexander Forbes has confirmed that staff were evacuated from the company building due to a possible bomb threat. 


Sandton, Africa’s richest square mile came to a standstill after employees of Ernst & Young and neighbouring building, Alexander Forbes were evacuated following allegations of a bomb being in one of the buildings.

According to an employee from Alexander Forbes, staff was told at about 10am CAT that there was “an emergency situation”.

“At about 10.30am, we were told to evacuate the building, after a while the Bomb Squad arrived with sniffer dogs,” she said.

“We were told that the building had to be swept from the seventh floor to the basement. We were told to move away from the building.”

Police were on the scene for about two hours and staff members were still waiting for an update.

Emergency services are on the scene to assist people who may have been affected.

“I am so scared,” she said. “I am nervous waiting to see if the building is going to really blow up.”

Traffic within and around the CBD has been affected.