Could FlySafair airfares drive down domestic costs?


The flight costs between Johannesburg and Cape Town could be as low as 499 rand including taxes with 399 rand between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Most flights between the Johannesburg and Cape Town route cost about 800 rand and 2,500 rand which makes FlySafair proposed prices almost half of the current cheap flights.

The company will take to the skies almost a year after the scheduled deadline after the North Gauteng High Court ruled that the company did not meet foreign ownership cap for a domestic licence.


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“We went through the unfortunate challenge from some of our competitors at the end of last year but our licence was reissued at the end of March and since then we have not had any further challenge,” FlySafair’s chief executive officer Dave Andrew told CNBC Africa.

“We are now looking forward to planning and getting everything for the launch in mid-October,” added Andrew.

FlySafair’s initial fleet consists of two Boeing 737-400 jets which is a combination of leased and owned assets.

Andrew qualified his company’s low fare costs by explaing that the model employed by the company encouraged early bookings with cheap ticket incentives.

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“The earlier you book the lowest prices you are going to achieve,” noted Andrew.

“We have also structured our fares to give our passengers more choice with travel with no check-in offering a cheaper incentive. If you want on board catering or you want more space there is an additional fare for that,” Andrew added.

Andrew said that geopolitical factors like a rise in oil prices, aspects that affect all industry players would play a role in prices adjustments.