Revolutionising S.Africa’s micro-jobbing industry


“We’re changing the shape of unemployment in South Africa, even if it’s just one micro job at a time,” Andre Hugo, founder of M4JAM told CNBC Africa.

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The micro jobbing service hosted on the social media platform, WeChat, allows brands, nongovernmental organisations and government branches to allocate simple micro-jobs to thousands of “jobbers” across the country and pay them via M4JAM or MTN Mobile Money.


Brands such as TomTom, Telesure’s Hippo and 1LifeDirect have already signed up, and are posting a minimum of 1000 jobs on the system at a time.

Hugo explained that once job-seekers register with M4JAM, they can search for jobs in their vicinity and complete them within six hours of accepting the task.

The jobs range between completing market research surveys, mystery shopping or even stock-taking for shops.  

Once the task is complete and approved, paying between 15 and 30 rand per job, companies will pay the jobber within 48 hours, which they can cash out at a Pick ‘n Pay or Boxer Store.

Regular jobbers are also rewarded by moving up the rankings and earning more for every job they complete.   

Due to its simplicity, the platform is beginning to gain a lot of interest among the South African community.

“We’ve doubled in business size in the last 36 hours. At the current rate, we are signing up 11 people per minute and one job is getting grabbed every 10 seconds,” he added.

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“With those stats and the right support from the community and brands, we’ll be able to lift unemployment, even if it’s a marginal bit.”