S.Africa's non-agriculture employment up


According to the report released by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), the increase was boosted by a rise in the community, social and personal services industry that saw a growth of about 5.8 per cent.

The trade industry recorded an increase of 17,000 jobs with the construction sector reporting 5,000 jobs.

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The survey also reported decreases in the manufacturing sector by 6,000, transport by 4,000, mining and electricity went down 1,000 jobs respectively.

The country also saw a rise in year-on-year employment statistics.

“Employment increased by 229 000 jobs (+2.7 per cent) year-on-year between June 2013 and June 2014,” read the report.

“Community services reported the largest increase (+220 000 or +9.2 per cent), followed by trade (+26 000 or +1.5 per cent) and finance (+15 000 or +0.8 per cent).”

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According to the survey, these increases were offset by employment decreases in mining, manufacturing and transport.

The same period also saw a rise in gross earnings paid to employees by 3.9 billion rand from 404 billion rand in March 2014 to 408 billion rand in June 2014.

The survey also reported year-on-year gross earnings having surged by 24 billion rand.

The surge was mainly due to increases in the community services and transport industries.