SACCI lashes out at poor e-toll service delivery


About 6,600 motorists were interviewed with 80 per cent of them saying the service was not favourable.

“The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) is concerned by the poor service of e-tolls experienced by thousands of individual road users,” SACCI’s chief executive Neren Rau said in a statement.

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“SACCI surveyed more than 6,600 road users on the e-toll administration to give input on this point to the Gauteng E-Toll Review Panel.” 

SACCI is also launching a second public survey on the eight major concerns that impact investor confidence (survey link), and the results will be presented to President Jacob Zuma and media partners ahead of the 2014 SACCI Annual Convention.

The chamber of commerce’s Pietman Roos lamented poor service delivery saying it affected both small and big corporations.

“We tested the administrative theory behind the operations of the e-tolls. The administrative aspects of the organisation tested said the institution had some [incompetence],” Roos told CNBC Africa.

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SACCI conducted the survey at the panel’s request.

“There is a growing resentment against paying e-toll among motorists even from those registered road users,” added Roos.

“There are twin effects as there is the principled opposition to paying e-toll and there is also another group that is not paying arguing that the service is bad.”

Roos said the system was weak as one component such as strikes by postal services could easily disrupt the whole system.