Zuma to release Ocean Economy delivery plans


Zuma launched Operation Phakisa last July in Durban, an initiative focusing on unlocking growth and jobs in the country’s ocean economy.

Operation Phakisa is an adaptation of the Big Fast Results methodology that was successfully applied by the Malaysian Government in the delivery of its Economic and Government Transformation Programmes.

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Four priority sectors have been selected as new growth areas in the ocean economy and these are marine transport and manufacturing activities, offshore oil and gas exploration, aquaculture and marine protection services and governance.

“In the Operation Phakisa Big Fast Results methodology, multiple stakeholders work full-time in one location for about five weeks, and at the end of this period they deliver complete and signed-off action plans,” a statement from the presidency said.

The presidency noted that ocean economy teams from government, labour, business and academia have been working since 8 July in delivery laboratories.

“The achievement of the vision and goals enshrined in the National Development Plan 2030 requires the attention of sectors of our society – government, state owned enterprises, statutory councils, private sector, civil society, labour movement, academia, to focus on successful delivery.”

The presidency said it was pleased with progress made as previous attempts have failed to materialise.

“We have constantly lamented that we have good plans, but the implementation part is a challenge. We are now focusing intensively on implementation. Operation Phakisa is designed to answer that fundamental question – how do we turn our good plans into action to improve the lives of our people and to make the National Development Plan come alive,” President Zuma said.

South Africa is uniquely bordered by the ocean on three sides – east, south and west.  With the inclusion of Prince Edward and Marion Islands in the southern ocean, the coastline is approximately 3 924 km long. 

The presidency added that this vast ocean space is relatively unexplored in terms of its economic potential.  

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In 2010, the ocean contributed approximately 54 billion rand to South Africa’s gross domestic product and accounted for approximately 316 000 jobs.

An analysis was conducted of nine sectors that comprise South Africa’s ocean economy. The ocean has a potential to contribute to the Gross Domestic Product up to R177 billion. It also has a potential contribution of between eight hundred and one million direct jobs.

The Operation Phakisa delivery methodology will also be used to improve delivery in the health sector, to improve the performance of clinics and soon in the mining sector and basic education.