Presidency welcomes business working group session


The Presidency said the working group welcomed progress on overcoming key constraints to inclusive economic growth and job creation.

The meeting followed President Zuma’s undertaking, in his June 2014 State of the Nation Address, that government would work with the private sector to remove obstacles to investment, promote inclusive growth and build a more prosperous society.

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Among others, the working group works on infrastructure, skills and education and labour issues.


“Today’s (24 October) meeting assessed progress and implementation action plans in focus areas including education and skills development, infrastructure, labour regulatory environment, regulatory impact on investment and inclusive growth,” read the statement.

“The Skills and Education Task Team is working to achieve socio-economic development through a partnership that supports better quality education, youth employment, job creation and the development of skills to meet labour market needs.”

The presidency also indicated that the Infrastructure Task Team had focused on measures to support the National Infrastructure Plan.

Business offered to prepare proposals on shared-services models where municipalities without the necessary capacity can draw on a pool of skills to ensure infrastructure programmes are planned, executed and maintained. 

“Business will continue to identify available skills within the private sector and develop a mechanism or model to mobilise such skills in support of Government infrastructure build programme,” said the statement.

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The working group offered to also leverage government efforts in the labour sector.

“Given the labour market environment, the task team focused on the reducing workplace conflict and facilitate constructive labour relations, in particular by engaging with business and labour on skills development,” said the Presidency.