Could Eskom’s Majuba power station collapse worsen load shedding?


Majuba power station is situated in Mpumalanga and regarded as the latest commercially operated power station in the fleet.

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The collapsed power station has an installed capacity of 4110 MW generated.

“Station output immediately reduced from 3 600 MW to 1800 MW and currently running at 600 MW,” said Eskom statement.

Eskom added that while the system was tight, this unplanned incident exacerbated the situation and it is very likely that load shedding will continue for the week.

“An investigation is already underway into the cause of the incident, but it appears that this is an isolated incident specific to the coal infrastructure at Majuba,” read Eskom’s statement.

“Mobile coal feeders are on-site and the team is optimistic that they can maintain half of the total from the power station.”

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Eskom said that if the capacity stays at the same level, the utility would have similar system status.

“With the extensive usage of the water resources it would mean by Wednesday we start to be constrained with water.  If the capacity is still at the same level we would need to consider Stage 1 load shedding possibly on Thursday (whole day) or as early as Wednesday evening.”

The load shedding would be expected to last four to six hours.

“The challenge is to ensure that there is sufficient generation capacity throughout the day, as we continue with our maintenance plan and focus on reducing unplanned outages,” warned Eskom.