Vavi snubs COSATU as Dlamini lashes at former unionists


Dlamini said the two former senior federation members were not making useful interventions and were best advised to stay away from union issues.

The Congress of South Africa Trade Unions’ General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi also snubbed the federation’s press conference and preferred to use the time to ‘consult with his lawyers’ over his pending issue.

The press conference was called to give feedback on resolutions of the recently held Special Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting.


The recently held CEC expelled the 350,000 member Numsa for campaigning against the ruling African National Congress.

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About seven federation members on Monday attacked COSATU’s decision to expel Numsa saying it was not representative enough to make such a decision.

“The decision to expel Numsa is a CEC decision and is binding to all the structures of the Federation and all its leaders,” said Dlamini.

Vavi was absent at the meeting casting further indications of a fractured union heading towards a split.

“The expulsion of NUMSA, which represents 350,000 metal workers, by 33 CEC delegates, many who had no mandate to do so, is an attack on the organised working class,” added the coalition statement.

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“All of the accusations levelled at Numsa are simply not credible, and it is the duty of all trade unionists to defend them against the trumped up chances, and unsubstantiated accusations that have been levelled against them.”

“The expulsion of Numsa will not solve the intractable paralysis that has consumed COSATU since its watershed 11th Congress of 2012 and its revolutionary-compelling resolutions.”

Dlamini also defended allegations that he had deliberately decided not to convene a special national congress calling such information lies.